My goal as a speaker is to equip and inspire your audience with practical, actionable steps in branding, marketing, and design.

As a professional communicator, I understand the important role speakers play in the success of an event. I’ve presented in private functions for clients and peers and delivered seminars, trainings, and panel sessions at industry-leading events such as the Monetize Your Genius Summit. I truly love being a part of conversation and interview-style chats on panels and podcasts as well! 


+ brand strategy


My most requested topics: 

My most requested topics include strategy and practical how-to tips in the following areas: branding, marketing, creative direction, and design. I am also always happy to customize a presentation for your audience as well.

creative direction + design details

My promise to you and your attendees:

The success of an event depends just as much on what happens off-stage as what happens on-stage. You can expect the following from me:

+ 100% preparation, passion, and energy in my presentation(s)

+ Extra-mile engagement with your audience (I love connecting with attendees before and after sessions)

+ Strict adherence to all presentation time limits and event guidelines

+ Prompt, punctual, and clear correspondence on all logistics

+ Model-citizen conduct that reflects you and your brand's standards

If you’d like to discuss my participation in your event, please click the button below to get in touch!

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