But here’s the thing-- the coolest thing you (and your brand) can be is confident. You want your business to stand for something. And you want it to be approachable enough that your prospective customers come tap on your digital door to learn more instead of being scared away. Confidence gives the perfect balance of  "I’m the expert" and "I’m here to serve". Here at Lyss House Creative, we create brands that are just that. 

Branding and design are super compelling to me because everyone is trying to be unique enough to stand out but the-same enough to look like we belong, like we’re meant to be here, like we’re trustworthy. To me, being “cool” is about feeling good. It’s about knowing who you are. It’s about feeling like you belong with all of your quirks and eccentricities. And, it’s why I think “coolness” is actually a big part of branding. 

Confidence isn’t about just looking the best, it’s about having a deep peaceful vibe of inner knowing. And when it comes to branding and design, we access that knowing by using strategy to back up the visuals. 

We make sure that what we’re creating has a vibe with your people, that the pages will convert, that your colors are sending the right message. We get clear on who you are and what your goals are so everything we make links back to you achieving your goal. 

And when you have a digital presence that makes you feel confident, science shows you’re much more likely to shout from the rooftops about it ;) 


 the best part?  when your brand is confident, it converts. 

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Meet Alyssa

Hey! I’m Alyssa Houseknecht, Founder + Creative Director of Lyss House Creative and I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve been doing branding and design for the last decade and have helped hundreds of clients get their messages out with strategic design and branding. 

The truth is, design has always spoken to me. I love listening to a person, hearing what they’re working on and why, and then coming up with a visual representation that acts like a bridge to their customer. 

Design to me is about more than things being “pretty”. While I want all of my designs to “look good” it goes so much deeper than that. 

You see, while most people look at a design and see a picture, I see an entire journey. I understand what it takes to inspire action, to make people feel seen, to connect and convert. 

And that combination, creates confident brands that business owners love sharing and potential clients lean into. Ready for your confident brand? Let's get started.

I believe that to intentionally create impact, design must be rooted in strategy.

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