you don't fit inside a box.
neither should your business.

Let’s be real. Your business makes money, and yes, you’re interested in growth. But, you’re more interested in impact. You know your services change the world, your product transforms a life, and/or your profit allows you to invest in causes you care about. So, the way I see it is, the better your business does, the better the world does. 


I’m Alyssa Houseknecht, Founder + Creative Director of Lyss House Creative and I’m so glad you’re here. 

Lyss House Creative is a full service branding and design agency that works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to create confident designs that produce income and impact. 

We’re not about trying to fit you and your ideas into a box, we’re about creating outside of the box to create collateral that celebrates your uniqueness, speaks to your ideal client, and feels like you. 

meet alyssa

In a time where it is absolutely important to remember and define who you are, Alyssa helped me find a new sense of ownership for my craft and my brand.

- jessica best

Alyssa did a fantastic job taking my vision for my business and transforming it into a visual form. She created a great logo to help me kick start a re-brand for my business.

- jeni kula, genesee doula

Wow, just wow! alyssa went above and beyond in her design work for our website. She exceeded our expectations of communication and went out of her way to problem solve design challenges and requests.